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A musical Mazaa in support of HUDHUD Cyclone relief fundraiser (All proceedings from event go to HUDHUD relief fund) By famous tollywood singers, Krishna Chaitanya (KC), Rahul Siplikunj, Vijaya Lakshmi, Sudhamayee and Anchor Mrudula. VIP Ticket (Up to 4 seats) : $ 100 USD General Ticket : $20 USD per head Kids 10+ years & Visiting Parents : $10 USD Note: Tea & Snacks Included Date: 11.09.2014 Sunday (2:00 pm to 6:00 pm) Venue: Bolles Middle School - Parker Auditorium 2264 Batram Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207
TAJA 2014 Ladies Night

Telugu Association of Jacksonville Area (TAJA) expresses heartfelt sympathy to everybody that was affected by cyclone Hudhud . TAJA committee & advisory board members contributed $1550 dollars , thus far, to the relief efforts for the victims of Cyclone Hudhud and decided to put their best efforts to raise more funds for this cause. We appeal to all members to come forward and donate generously for this cause.

Please contact below TAJA committee members to donate or send email to with your contact number we will come and collect the donations. Any contribution will make huge difference.

Vamsee Srikakolapu - 561-628-3157
Sanjeev Tegulla -904-635-0933
Malli Satti - 904-207-2136
Anand Thotakura - 862-812-4368
Nara Kopparthi - 904-207-2456
Madhu Gabbita - 904-237-3379
Madhav Aleti - 904-305-2346

TAJA will collect all the funds and send out one check for the relief efforts.

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TAJA Thanks the following for contributions to HudHud relief efforts

Anand Thotakura

Anil Yarlagadda

Dayakar Reddy

Ganesh Saripalli

Giri Madem

Lenin Guntu

Madhav Aleti

Madhavi Gayakavada

Madhavi Kappagantu

Malli Satti

Mallikarjuna Reddy

Murali Chukka

Nara Kopparthi

Raj Sangam

Ramu Akula

Sandeep Kandukoori

Sanjay Alluri

Sanjeev Tegulla

Sateesh Gaddam

Shanta Rayaprolu

Sreedhar Vengala

Sridhar Jami

Srikanya Satyavarapu

Srinivas Srikakulapu

Vamsi Nadella

Vamsee Srikakolapu

Venkat Pamulapati

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